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TechMood - For a Healthy Balance with Technology


Welcome to TechMood!  


TechMood is a social cause that aims to raise awareness about the interaction between technology and emotional health.  


It’s a neutral cause that does not elaborate the benefits or disadvantages of technology.  It simply asks questions so we can realize how each use of technology affects our individual mood since the same use can have a different effect on various personalities.  This is also the basis to handle possible long-term effects.  


The social cause arose based on emerging studies and articles which suggest that technology influences health.  


Technology can facilitate life with new solutions – e.g. the directions application on our cell phones.  Before cell phones existed, people would track their location by cross-referencing the street name with a map that they were holding in their hands.  


Technology can connect – e.g. one can call anyone anytime with a cell phone.  Not long ago, one had to use a public phone to make a call “on the go.” 


Technology can also impede life.  E.g. the constant access to a lot of information through the internet can cause an “overload of information” and stress.  Back in the day one had to go to a library to gather information from a book. 


Technology can also disconnect - e.g. if a couple is glued to their phones on a date instead of giving each other attention. 


Exploring how each use of technology makes you feel can help you fine-tune its use to maximize your individual happiness now and in the future. 


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