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We are an international team of artists, inspired by the controversy about technology as we ourselves benefit from its use yet also struggle to balance it.  Seeing that we are not alone on this path, we opened the door to a platform to give the power back to the individual by initiating awareness about the emotional effects of technological uses.

C.J. Stussi

C.J. aka Caroline is an entertainment attorney, filmmaker and actress in Los Angeles.  She loves to create and help others to do so.  As a child actress in Germany and Switzerland, she grew up in an artistic environment and always enjoyed to transcend different colors of a controversial topic into art.  She believes art can change the world and likes to give back to the community by inspiring.

Heide Fliegner

Heide aka Judith Jerome  is the founder and CEO of Roll Call Pictures and Light Touch Dreams Studios.  She produced and directed over 500 commercials internationally for big corporations and also educational institutions.  She started her career in Munich, Germany where she discovered her unique skill to integrate commercial messages into avant-garde artistic expression.   

Flávia Carvalho

Heidi Fliegner

Flávia is the current CEO of the renowned Scape Goat, inc., which specializes in interactive events and a former multimedia professor.  She started her career in Portugal as a graphic designer (Summa Cum Laude) and a master in film.  She has made it her mission to contribute with art.

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