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In connection with TechMood we have additional projects in development to share this social cause  through different media for a full experience.  

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3 Films

We're producing a trilogy of AI films called Allured – one with a lot of heart and enthusiasm for our metal friends - a fun adventure filled with Greek Gods, enchanted AI, and naive humans.  

It's like Thor:  Love & Thunder meets Free Guy.  

We've already won over 20 Best Screenplay Awards and are currently negotiating with distributors and investors for the three films.  

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Radio Spots

We have produced 3 radio spots in connection with this cause:

Radio Spot 1

Radio Spot 2

Radio Spot 3

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We wrote a song about the our interconnection with technology.  

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We are developing an app that can be used to contribute to a balanced tech-happy lifestyle.  

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TV Spots

We are currently developing TV Spots in connection with TechMood.

Please contact us if you who would like to contribute to one of these projects as an artist and/or professional.       We’re always interested in good collaborations.  

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