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In connection with TechMood we have the artistic projects below in development to share this cause in colorful, fun, and entertaining ways.  

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Radio Spots

We have produced 3 radio spots in connection with this cause:

Radio Spot 1

Radio Spot 2

Radio Spot 3

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We are developing an app that can be used to contribute to a balanced tech-happy lifestyle.  

Projects Song.jpg


As artists, we pour our souls and thoughts into our work. Thus, we wrote a song about the interaction of technology and happiness.  Once it is done, you can hopefully sing to it on the radio.

Projects Film Trilogy.jpg

3 Movies

We are also in development of 3 feature films that deal with this cause in a poetic, colorful and entertaining way. In it, 2 Greek Gods make a bet over whether love or technology is the prevailing force in the universe, see

Projects TV Spots.jpg

TV Spots

We are currently developing TV Spots in connection with TechMood.

Please contact us if you who would like to contribute to one of these projects as an artist and/or professional.  We’re always grateful for help and support.

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